Big Red

$ 600.00

Big Red - Original painting by Kara Courtney

This "mean rooster" as my mudbugs call him, is ready for the take down! If you have ever encountered a mean rooster, you know what a display and fight he can put on! 

Mixed Media painting: acrylic, dimensional fabric paint, and actual chicken feathers/pieces of feathers.

I used feathers from our own chickens, each one gathered from our yard, to help create the real texture and depth you see in this painting. Small feathers were used in a stencil fashion to create layers of color and depth in the lower body, then applied on top. I used small pieces of feathers on the neck, to create the same look of the tiny feathers that suround a roosters neck. A toy dinosaur was used to create the texture in the comb and waddles, by pressing the small dino's bumpy head into the almost dry dimensional paint. Layers of paint are built on top of each other to create the individual lines of feathers from the neck to the tail. 

36" x 12" x 11/2" 

Gallery Wrapped canvas that is ready to hang. 

Price includes shipping to all US states except Hawaii and Alaska.