Get Those Hands Dirty!

Mudbugs & Dirt April Posted on 07 Apr 11:16

Mudbugs & Dirt

Warm weather means mudbugs are outside with toes in the mud and making new discoveries. My mudbugs are filling empty jars with bugs, picking flowers, finding bird feathers, and gathering chicken eggs. By the end of the day they are covered in dirt, but as we say at our house, “God made dirt, dirt don’t hurt!”

  • Red clay and brown mud are used in our unique mud dying process to create our God Made Dirt onesies and t-shirts.
  • Birds seem to be everywhere! My mudbugs have fun finding all the different types of feathers.
  • In the fall we find all kinds of nests, the small one pictured here was found with a single egg that never hatched.
  • Garden Goo! With the warmer weather we can expect more bugs, so I was happy to find a locally Mississippi made organic repelling bug lotion. No harsh chemicals, just natural & organic ingredients! Check out their other organic products at 
  • If you read our last God Made Dirt blog post, you know we have been planting our veggies and flowers!
  • We are enjoying tan, blue, green, and brown eggs from our happy hens! Look for our Happy Chickens Give Happy Eggs video coming soon.
  • At the end of the day the little mudbugs are put into the tub for a good cleaning before bed! I have used Burt’s Bees, Baby Bee Shampoo & Wash since my first mudbug. This is an easy find at most big name stores and pharmacies.
  • Now that the girl mudbugs have clean hair, they are ready for some MS MUD flower bows!

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Get Outside! Posted on 01 Apr 10:39

Get Outside!

We also spent time out in nature letting the mudbugs explore the woods and creeks. I recently read an article on sensory play (any activity that stimulates young children’s senses: touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing) activity boxes. As I read the article I thought, I have a huge (75 acre) “sensory box” that covers all the senses, it’s called outside! So, kicking your kids out of the house is actually more educational then we tend to think, lol!


This year’s first fishing adventure was very special, it was the first time my three youngest mudbugs had ever been fishing! Like most adventures that involve a one, two, three, and eight year old, it was not an average fishing day. Five minutes into fishing my three year old had something on her line, once she realized it was a large catfish on the other end, she didn’t want anything to do with it, lol! Once we had the fish uncooked for the kids to touch and see, the fish tried to get away by thrashing back and forth, and its tail slapped my one year old in the face. Thinking it was attacking him, he quickly had a melt down and wanted nothing to do with it either, lol! Not ten minutes later the three year old, who was sitting on a bucket, tipped over and landed in the pond (this is why I pack extra clothes). Later on, we caught our second bass; which was to be added to our live-line in the pond. (Fish are secured to the live-line by running a rope threw their mouth and out a side gill. This allows the fish to stay alive and swim in the water until ready to take home.) As the eight year old pulled up the fishing rope, her dad lost his grip on the bass, which landed right on her head flopping around hitting her in the face, it was just like a scene out of a movie! The two year old, who is the one that usually gets into the most trouble, was the only one who left that day incident free. She had a jolly ole time just throwing her float in and out of the water all day!



God Made Dirt, Dirt Don't Hurt! Posted on 01 Apr 10:08

God Made Dirt, Dirt Don’t Hurt!

This spring break we were blessed with some warm sunny days here in Mississippi. It was so nice to finally see some sun, that instead of tackling my list of inside chores, I put them to the side and spent most of my days getting my outside work done! I uncovered my garden compost, started some seedlings, repotted my plants, and moved dirt into some new garden/flower beds. These outdoor chores give me an opportunity to teach my children about how plants grow. The kids spent most of the time just playing in the dirt, but they did help fill up pots with rocks and soil.

Kid Activity: While you are re-potting your plants for the up-coming spring, get your little mudbugs helping by letting them put rocks into the bottom of your flower pots! I have found that if it involves rocks and putting those rocks into something else, little kids love it!